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With a 30-year record of invention and innovation in software technology we continue to support world-class Graphical User Interface tools and highly cost-effective custom apps that are used in many of the world’s leading organizations from our offices in the US and UK.

Customers include:
Lockheed Martin


  City of London Festival

Lockheed Martin - Shuttle Testing

X-Designer, the award winning GUI Builder, was used by Lockheed Martin to generate the graphical user interface for their Shuttle Connector Analysis Network used to automatically track the thousands of tests performed prior to each launch.

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  EPIC X-Motif Point-and Click Interface

X-Designer was used for building tools for the management, display and analysis of oceanographic and meterological data with gateways to the web, popular analysis tools and the Internet, for NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

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  City of London Festival

The iPhone® App for the 2012 City of London Festival was produced for the third year running. Available in the App Store, it helped visitors discover the many delightful events and locations of the Festival's activities, which ran from June 24 to July 27 2012.

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