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App Building - building bespoke Apps

Simple Apps

Creating software for mobile devices is usually complicated and expensive. We spent many years designing systems and tools to simplify and ease the process of making software and have over a decade of experience building bespoke software for the mobile industry.

One of those tools is Appvox, an iPhone app builder designed to make bringing your content to mobile affordable. It is great way to build a simple app very quickly.


Better Mobile Apps

Most people need a more fully featured app than can be constructed with Appvox.

Our Appvox custom services can range from producing a simple app using Appvox, through minor ‘tweaks’, to a fully bespoke, polished, professional app.


Example Apps

We have many customers who have used Appvox to build a simple iPhone app very quickly and many for whom we have built more sophisticated apps. Click here to see some examples of them.


Appvox Custom Services – Project Process

There are various issues to be considered and a number of stages involved in producing a successful app. These can be summarised as follows.


Storyboarding is the process of laying out the flow of an app from one screen or view to the next. Because apps don’t come with instruction manuals, it is essential that the flow of the app is natural and intuitive. If the app has any significant depth and complexity, getting the storyboard right is key to the user experience and can take a number of iterations.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is, formally, the art and process of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message. Much of the design may be inherited from pre-existing corporate identity material on a web site, or it may be created specifically for the app. Either way, attention should be given to the conventions for an iPhone app, in addition to aesthetic considerations. To assist in this, we can supply first class graphic designers with experience of meeting these criteria.

Security requirements

If your app is going to handle any user-sensitive data, then security requirements must be carefully considered. This must be considered early in the design process: security is never a ‘bolt-on’ extra; it’s designed in from the beginning. The Appvox team have the requisite security experience to ensure that your app will conform to the highest industry standards.

Content Rights

Do you have the right to use the images and written content that you propose to publish in your app? If called on to do so, could you prove it? When it comes to submitting the app to Apple’s reviewers, they may request formal evidence that you have the rights to content, particularly images of famous people or other closely guarded intellectual property.


Coding is the process of creating the logic of a program in a programming language. In the case of an iPhone app, the prescribed language is Objective-C. Our software engineers are experts in this field.


The app will have been built and tested on iPhones at various stages of its production. However, final testing is required before review and submission. Our team will submit the custom app to formal functional, usability, content and iPhone standards conformance checking.

Reviewing and Submission

With a custom app, the internal review should be a formality, as the likely problems will mostly be eliminated earlier in the production of the app. However, a checklist will still be run against the app to catch anything that may cause difficulty in the formal review by the Apple app reviewers. Additionally, you will be asked to approve the final app before submission to Apple.

Apple Review

The Apple review process takes as long as Apple decides. We have no influence over this, but, provided that all the rules have been obeyed, and that any supplementary documentation concerning content rights is submitted, the process should take less than two weeks. We will monitor this, and inform you of progress as informed by Apple.


The Next Step

Please contact us by using our enquiry form or otherwise so we can discuss your requirement and provide you with an initial cost estimate.


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