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EPIC - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

EPIC X-Motif Point-and Click Interface

This information is taken from the EPIC web page - go look at it.

EPIC is a project for the management, display and analysis of oceanographic and meterological data with gateways to the web, popular analysis tools and the Internet.

The EPIC X-motif software contains a number of point-and-click interfaces that provides easy access to the EPIC data files and make it convenient for users to display, analysize and edit the EPIC in-situ data from their desktop UNIX computers.

EPIC X-Motif Software
EPIC X-Motif Software

There are several EPIC Graphic User Interface applications:

  • XEPIC -- EPIC meta data selection
  • 4DEDIT -- GRAPHIC 4D view and edit selected meta data
  • EPICEDIT -- TEXT view and edit selected meta data
  • HDREDIT -- TEXT edit header information of individual EPIC data file.
  • Prototype EPIC GUI for CTD contour plotting

These applications are developed using C and C++ language with the Motif toolkit on Solaris machine. X-Designer, an interactive tool, is used for building prototyped GUIs.

If you would like to know more please see Using EPIC on Unix at PMEL, or contact the EPIC team or contact us by using our enquiry form or otherwise.

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